Tuition College

Online Class Tuition

Classes are on a monthly basis and will be paid in advance to reserve the class. Before each class, the teacher will send you the relevant material you’ll be using in the lesson and if you need to prepare anything before the class, we will give you clear instructions and enough time to complete the task.

Age 18+
Level A1 – A2
45 Minutes
Tuition $45

Level A1 – B2
45 Minutes
Tuition $40

  • Online Teaching
  • Greater Learner Autonomy
  • You take charge of your learning
  • You need to take the initiative to have your problems solve
  • You get clear instructions from the teacher
  • You get interesting material
  • You do the assignment
  • We work with effective Methods
  • We provide a good learning environment
  • We will distribute material and give direct assignments
  • Enjoy each German class has a 48-hour cancellation policy that is that you need to cancel with 48 hours’ notice otherwise this class will be charged as a class. We will postpone it to another day. All cancellations should be done via email.

The teachers will always be there to answer any questions you might have. We create a great environment and our classes are fun and full of joy and laughter.

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