Top 50 German Employers in the US

Top 50 German employers in the US

The majority of German firms operating in the U.S. continued to increase their sales performance. Together, the Top 50 generated over $348 billion in sales, thus 6% more than last year. Overall the Top 50 firms employ more than 538,767 workers, almost 2% more than in 2011. German carmakers Daimler, VW, and BMW showed healthy double-digit growth rates in the U.S. – Volkswagen recorded its highest growth in North America with a plus +32.2%. For the third year in a row, Daimler remains No.1 with Mercedes-Benz Cars and Daimler Trucks as their main power engines. In order to keep up with demand, Daimler increased its staff by over 1,000 in the U.S. and Volkswagen by over 5,000 in North America. Other Industries also reported positive employment trends: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc., the world’s largest dialysis provider, now employs 52,577, up from 45,577 in 2011. Many firms are extending their vocational training programs. At the beginning of 2013, Wacker Chemicals and Chattanooga State Community College inaugurated the Wacker Institute, a $5 million pilot plant and training facility in Tennessee. The steady gains on the revenue side of the Top 50 firms reflect the ongoing recovery of the U.S. economy during 2012.

  • $348 billion in sales
  • employ more than 538,767 workers

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Here are the Top 50 German companies in the US in hard numbers:
(Name, Category, number of employees in the US)

  1. Daimler Group, Automotive, 20,702
  2. Volkswagen Group of America, Automotive, 4,500
  3. T-Mobile USA, Telecommunications, 34,518
  4. BASF Corp, Chemicals, 16,000
  5. Siemens USA, IT/Communications, Transportation, 60,000
  6. BMW Group, Automotive, 10,000
  7. Allianz of America, Insurance/Asset Management, 10,000
  8. DHL Holdings (USA), Inc, Courier Services, 29,000
  9. Bayer Corporation, Pharmaceutical/Medical Products, 15,800
  10. Robert Bosch, Automotive, Industrial,  Technology, 22,500
  11. ThyssenKrupp USA, Inc., Steel, Capital Goods, Services, 19,200
  12. Trader Joes Co., Grocery Stores, 8,000
  13. Boehringer Ingelheim Corp, Pharma, 9,413
  14. Continental Automotive Systems, Automotive, 10,000
  15. Heraeus Incorporated, Non-Ferrous Metals, 1,811
  16. Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc., Medical, 45,577
  17. Turner Construction Co, Construction, 5,163
  18. Aldi, Inc., Grocery Stores, 12,000
  19. SAP Americas, Software, 15,473
  20. Lufthansa Group, Air Transportation/Logistic/Catering, 12,916
  21. adidas America, Inc., Sports Wear, 11,706
  22. LEHIGH Hanson Inc., Cement, 11,586
  23. Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., Insurance, 1,100
  24. Henkel of America, Inc., Industrial Organic Chemicals, 5,233
  25. Linde North America, Industrial Gases, 5,000
  26. Hannover Life Re America, Reinsurance, 251
  27. Porsche Cars North America, Inc., Automative, 230
  28. Evonik Degussa Corp, Specialty Chemicals, 4,063
  29. Random House Bertelsmann, Media, Publishing, 5,063
  30. DB U.S. Holding Corp, Freight Transportation, 6,300
  31. Lanxess, Specialty Chemicals, 1,430
  32. Helm U.S. Corporation, Chemicals, 300
  33. ZF Group North American Operations Inc., Automative, 3,447
  34. K+S North America, Chemicals, 1,854
  35. Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership, Automative, 6,983
  36. E.ON Climate & Renewables, Power Generation, 150
  37. B. Braun Medical, Inc., Medical/Surgical Devices, 4,064
  38. Knorr Brake Holding Corp, Railroad Equipment,4,611
  39. Beiersdorf, Inc., Branded Consumer Goods, 2,261
  40. Puma North America, Inc, Sports Wear, 2,978
  41. Wacker Chemical Corporation, Chemicals, 1,822
  42. STIHL Incorporated, Handheld outdoor power equipment, 2,100
  43. Brose North America, Inc., Automotive Supplier, 3,500
  44. Wurth Group of North America Inc., Maintenance Supplies, 2,742
  45. GEA, Engineering Services, 2,382
  46. Behr America, Inc., Automotive Thermal Management, 2,650
  47. Schott North America, Inc., Glass/Glass Ceramic Products, 1,900
  48. Flatiron, Construction, 1,800
  49. Infineon Technologies North America Corp, Semiconductors, 476
  50. BSH Home Appliances Corporation, Kitchen Appliances, 1,266

Germany’s economic strength equals business opportunities. Multinational business opportunities exist throughout the European Union and in the Eastern European countries, where German is the second most spoken language. If you’re looking for employment in the United States, knowing German can give you great advantages.

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