German University

How to Get Into a German University

Because many ask this question, I would like to end our overview with a very short summary of what it takes to get into a German university. This is by no means complete.

  1. You need to get an equivalency of a German Abitur, the very difficult high school exit exam (usually, a certain number of AP tests and SAT scores are required, plus 1 year of study at a 4-year institution – NOT a community college!)
  2. Your grades need to be good enough to get a place in a German university (Numerus Clausus: certain subjects require a certain overall GPA, SAT score, etc.)
  3. You need to show your mastery of the German language (AP German test, Goethe-Institut diplomas, DSD II)

A representative of the ZfA (Central Agency for Schools Abroad) referred us to the links below.

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