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I am so pleased with your school and all you have taught Jaylin in the German language.
She has brought a lot of awareness to her friends here and they have picked up some words in German too. I hope one of them will take the class. If they do we will surely be recommending you😃❣👍🏾.
Suzanne C./ West Virginia

Thanks so much, the kids love doing German classes with you and will miss you over break. Enjoy the rest of your summer and summer school 🙂
Cynthia C./ AL

Thank you so much for the remote teaching with Sarah during the school year and for accommodating her schedule.
This level of preparation has far exceeded what I was expecting when I made the first call to you. THANK YOU!
Aliso Viejo,USA

Thanks so much!! We celebrated her success yesterday! Thank you for the great job, you’re number 1 teacher❣🌹.
Suzanne C. WV

Great Learning Experience!
I began working with Ursula about 2 years ago when I took a role with a company based in Munich. I had been using Duolingo and other learning sources, so I knew some words, but couldn’t put them together in a conversation.
I began working with Ursula and quickly saw progress. These days, I am far from fluent, but can hold my own in most social situations, and regularly surprise people in stores and restaurants by talking to them in German.
All along, Ursula has been a great teacher. She was flexible and accommodated my crazy travel schedule, and she adjusted the lessons to provide content which was useful for my needs. She has the patience of a Saint and was always optimistic and helpful, no matter how many times I would destroy dative or any of the other cases.
If anyone is interested in learning German, I highly recommend Ursula. You won’t find a better, more responsive teacher!
Phil Henderson, IL

Woweee!!! Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for being a great teacher for Jaylin❣
Suzanne C., West Virginia

Dear Ursula,
Thank you so much, I am proud of Jaylin and am thankful for all the good work you have done with her! You are a great teacher! All she has learned is from you along with all the enrichment activities you send her, cheers to you 💐, thank you so much!
Suzanne C., West Virginia

Translation on the Expertise Dr. Klaus Ertz The Battle of the Amazons.
Ursula, Thank you so much for a fantastic job!
Have a great day,
Caroline L.S., NB, CA

AATG Thanks for making our profession so GREAT
Dear Ursula,
During National Teacher Appreciation Week, the AATG Executive Council and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do to improve the lives of students. We appreciate the countless hours you spend to provide quality learning opportunities for students of German. It takes a special person to be as dedicated and committed to the profession as you are. Thank you for being a GERMAN TEACHER.
Hal Boland Keith Cothrun
President Executive Director

Thank you Ursula for teaching me your beautiful language. You manage to be a professional but always with a great smile 🙂 Hoping to meeting you someday in California, in Deutschland or even in Spain! Tschüss!
Ana I. / BMW-Madrid/Spain

Today in library he picked up a duo language book English German book and started flipping and showing me all the words in German and explained what it means 😀 You have done a fantastic job Ursula, so it will be an honor to be able to play host to you and your family when you’re here .
Sharon C. / England

You’ve some great ideas. Continue the fantastic work.
W. / USA

Ursula is an amazing teacher. I have tried learning german before but I have never been able to do it. However with Ursula I can already speak and understand. She is extremely professional and fun at the same time. Love working with her
Hellen P. E. / Switzerland

Thanks so much!!! I appreciate the opportunity that you give for kids to better themselves in a German environment.
J.M. / USA

Thank you Ursula, my sons enthusiasm for the language with a really patient teacher, makes an awesome combo!! We couldn’t have found a more loving, and kind, and accommodating teacher that you are 🙂 This coming trip to Germany should help him solidify and further enhance what he has learned so far.
S.C. / England

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich, Thank you for your unrestingly endurance and devotion with the education of young students to teach the German language. Our deepest appreciation.
M.K. / CA, USA

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich , thank you for a wonderful year of German teaching. I will be back after summer.
R.Z. / USA

Ursula, many thanks for your lesson. I really enjoyed it and I am sure that I can improve a lot with you.
G. M. / Ireland

I have to say that you are a nice teacher. I like studying with you.
H. P. / Switzerland

Ursula, we are very happy that our son enjoys his lesson very much.
D. C. / England

It is great news to hear that our son is doing so well, and we thank you for your great dedication and care. You are a good teacher and he enjoys your lessons very much. We are confident that he will be speaking and writing German confidently in the future under your guidance.
S. C. / England

I am very happy with the German classes thank you. It helps me a lot.
V. F. / EADS-Madrid/Spain

I am very pleased with the telephone classes. I think that my teacher is very good, the classes are smooth and very satisfying. He prepares them for me according to my needs; I talk a lot and he corrects me on the spots, then writes down my main mistakes, sends me interesting information for me to work at home and we discuss about the texts he’s sent me to read or we correct the exercises together.
L. T. / EADS-Madrid/Spain

Thank you-the children love your class! Thank you for the wonderful classes you provide the children!
R. R. / United States

I’m quite glad with Ursula. We started with specific topic of high level, very good and indeed to my interest, and also mixed with questions on the language from me and other topics of articles in magazines and so one. Very rich and motivating. Very good use of time and nice tone of the phone relationship.
M. J. / EADS-Madrid/Spain

My German classes are so much fun. I learn for my German trip and visit
G. C. / United Kingdom

Ursula, happy to say that I have passed my A2 exam. Thanks for your great support within the last 4 month, I could not have done it without all your professional help and strategic advise. You had the right material to guide and to prepare me for the Language Test in Goethe Institute.
N. K. / Switzerland

Thank you very much for the lessons we have had. I have learned better than I have in the past and better still, I have learned the proper way.
S. M. / United States

Regular online classes with Ursula not only advanced my German language skills but were also convenient and fun and I looked forward to them.
T. P. / Australia

I have no only learned the basics of the German Language, I learned about the German culture as well. Ursula thank you so much!
H. D. / United States

Great support for my German grammatic Lessons.
E. D. / United States

I learned the Basics of the German language.
C. B. / United States

We do appreciate all your time and effort, Ms. Ursula. Our classes with you were a genuine pleasure.
T & A. M. / Russia

I enjoyed my German classes for over 2 years with Ms. Ursula. I know now why I drive a BMW.
V. K. / United States

Ursula was a big help for my new job assignments with Germany.
V. B. / United States

I enjoyed my German online classes.
J. G. / United States

My German online crash course helped for a visit of relatives in Germany.
M. B. / United States

Thank you so much for your time and I really enjoyed your enthusiasm to teach me German.
R. J. / United States

Thank You for the poem to my father’s Birthday.!!! Can you please translate it for me in English? Thank You for a great lesson, too 🙂
B. E. / United States

I did enjoy taking German lessons with you and I certainly learned a lot about Mozart.
S. K. / United States

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