AATG – DAF Deutsch als Fremdsprache


Jaylin is a student since 9/2015
She mastered the AATG Exam 1 with Gold in 4/2017

I am homeschooled and have been since first grade. I love the flexibility homeschool offers and the chance to grow and learn at one’s own pace. When I started high school, I realized that I needed to take a foreign language and there are, of course, many to choose from but for some reason I really wanted to do German. From the little I had heard spoken I thought it was a very beautiful language. The first thing we did was research who taught German and Frau Schoeneich came up as well as some others. We clicked her profile and I am so glad we did. She is the sweetest teacher out there. She always very patiently works with me to write and memorize my vocabulary words. She is very patient and understanding of my busy farm and school schedule and when I forget words she never gets Jaylin AATG Examfrustrated at me. She takes as much time as necessary for me to understand the whole history of what we are studying and she makes her native language feel like mine. And whenever summer comes along she sends me a gift like a dictionary or a reading book. I am not exactly sure what God has in store for my future but I know he led me to Frau Schoeneich and hopefully it will include German.
This year I was enrolled in the AATG Level 1 Exam and scored with Gold in the second school year of German.

I am very proud of her. Way to go.

Jaylin AATG Exam



“We bet you know one little girl who’d rather have hay in her hair than makeup on her face.”


Ursula Schoeneich | President & DaF German Language Teacher