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GERMAN SCHOOL online is specialist in German online teaching

We deliver online teaching at a time and place of the student’s convenience. You can learn German at any place where is internet access. Our teachers are highly educated native speakers who are geographically remote. Our online Tutors have all learned other Languages and understand the challenge for you.

Ursula Schoeneich, Principal
Ursula Schoeneich, Principal

Ursula Schoeneich founded GERMANSCHOOLonline.com in 2009 and is working as the lead online teacher. This perspective has given her a deep understanding of how to connect with students, integrate technology into the classroom, and balance classroom personalities. As an online teacher, she has taught students from across the world and helped bring language instruction to students who would otherwise go without. She is passionate about classroom innovation and the current generation of digital natives in our school systems.

About Us: Whether you want to speak to a German relative, business partner, friend, or finally be able to pronounce the names of your favorite German stars, the inspiration for learning a new language is always worthwhile. At germanschoolonline.com, I have had the distinct pleasure to witness firsthand the transition of many people, from the beginning level of speaking German to near fluency. Each course, lesson, and even activity that I build has been meticulously selected utilizing GERMANSCHOOLonline’s pedagogical approach down to the very last Umlaut letters of ä,ö,ü, and the Eszett ß. Trained writers and language speakers chose from dozens of culturally valuable stories, designed methods, and tools for learning vocabulary, and even help demonstrate language concepts through audio and visual tools.

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